– Food prepared with skills & passion  –

Delectable aromas waft through the air, along with laughter and the sound of glasses clinking for a toast. You’re invited to the party. Featuring amazing, majestic flavours.

Staff at the manor are entrusted with a very important task: to make sure our guests feel like royalty. The colourful paintings on the ceiling and the glittering chandeliers enhance the whole experience. Something for the eyes, the palate and, of course, the heart.

Food & Beverage

At Rånäs Slott, our kitchens prepare food with elements of both classic Swedish cooking and influences from wider international cuisine. The result? New energy and inspiration in a wonderful setting. Ingredients are selected primarily from local producers such as Väddö dairy farm and Löfsta dairy farm for dairy produce, the Musko Rökeri smokery, Roslagskött butchers and Fogdö Lax for salmon.

Our sommeliers offer a wide selection of fine wines from around the world. Every night, we select an affordable wine package to match our conference- and weekend menus.

We can email you our present weekend/conference menu – please dial +46 8 22 36 00 or email

Our produce

There is a long history of producing our own products at Rånäs Slott. Our roots are in the Rånäs industrial works, where food, iron and other exports were produced.

Rånäs Brännvin
The Reuterskiöld family started producing brännvin spirit at Rånäs Slott in the 19th century. The main flavouring used in this brännvin is Seville orange, grown in the stunning orangeries.

Rånäs Champagne
In October 2015, Rånäs Castle launched its own champagne brand for the first time. This cuvée is carefully selected by Rånäs Castle together with the Champagne producer Diebolt-Vallois. Champagne is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes from the villages of Cuis, Chouilly and Epernay.

Rånäs Brännvin cheese
Rånäs Brännvin cheese was launched after identifying the compatibility of an organic cheese maker and our ecolabelled Rånäs brännvin. The main flavouring in the spirit is Seville orange, which has also been found to give a fine character to cheese.

Rånäs Chocolate
With this chocolate we want to give a feeling of luxury. Whether you sit on the bus home from work or celebrating with a glass of champagne. The chocolate is created together with Malmö Chocolate Factory, which stands for a solid world-class craftsmanship and quality.

Rånäs Tea
Together with Aftek we have developed our very own tea. The sense of luxury should be emphasized and that is why we chose to include the flavors – bubbling grapes (Champagne), cream and lemongrass.

Rånäs wine
During the fall of 2015, we had the honor of receiving our own Castle wines. Rånäs Castle Ricossa Piemonte Barbera and Rånäs Castle Ricossa Roero Arneis – both vintage 2014.

Our white wine consists of 100% Arneis grape which makes itself excellent for starters, fish, seafood, aperitif and cheeses.
Our red wine – this fantastic vintage consists of 100% Barbera. Suitable for bird, pig / pork and beef. A very good all-round wine.

Dining rooms

We have three beautiful dining rooms in the castle. Galleriet, Gustava and Oxenstierna dining rooms, each with their own unique elements. From a historical perspective, Galleriet, the main dining room, is one of the most interesting rooms in the manor. Here, you will find colourful paintings featuring Pompeian symbolism on the ceiling and walls, most of which are original.

Galleriet can accommodate up to 100 people and is thus suitable for weddings and large parties. The Oxenstierna dining room can accommodate 36 people and is the perfect choice for slightly smaller groups and more personal events, or conference groups who wish to dine in privacy. The Gustava dining room can accommodate 18 people, and is the perfect room if you wish to dine in peace and quiet – chambre séparée.