About Rånäs Slott

– Passion, feeling and magic are timeless –

Head, heart, ideas, action, past and future all come together at Rånäs Slott. This paradise of contrasts offers opportunities for majestic meetings, but also magical experiences and romance. It’s like a fairytale come true.

The Reuterskiöld family were fascinated by culture and travel, and laid the foundations for the Italian-inspired manor house in the 19th century. 150 years later, the manor is a majestic venue for meetings.

The recipe for a majestic experience at Rånäs Slott: one spoonful of curiosity, three spoonfuls of passion, four drops of playfulness, two spoonfuls of inspiration and imagination and a pinch of head and heart. All served with good hospitality and a dash of Rånäs Brännvin.