Hotel rooms

– Royal accommodation –

At Rånäs Castle, no other hotel room is the same. The late-empirical style that characterized this castle in the 19th century is preserved. At the same time, the castle is carefully renovated and modernly equipped.

26 (out of a total of 50 rooms) are located inside the castle and our most elegant suite can be found at the top of one of the castle’s towers. There you can enjoy a magnificent lake view or relax in the large jacuzzi.

In the modern Vallonhuset there are a total of 14 hotel rooms, of which six double rooms are equipped with luxury massage baths.

We also have beautiful rooms located in the Garden Master’s villa as well as the Octave, which are all within a short walking distance of the Castle. In total we have 79 beds.

All rooms feature an en-suite shower and toilet, telephone, TV and wireless internet. All rooms are fully non-smoking and pet-free. You can view pictures in the gallery on the right.

Hotel rooms in the manor

There are 26 beautifully designed hotel rooms inside the manor: 20 double rooms and 6 single rooms. All the rooms have been redesigned over the past year and there is a story to every detail. No hotel room in the manor is like any other.

Vallonhuset hotel rooms

Vallonhuset (the Walloon House) was completed in 2003, and is a detached building located in the manor park. It offers 14 modern hotel rooms, seven double rooms and seven single rooms. Six of the double rooms have a luxurious massage bath.

Villa hotel rooms

Trädgårdsmästarvillan (the Master Gardener’s Villa) is a detached house found in the manor park. There is a total of eight popular rooms here: seven double rooms and one single room.

Oktaven hotel rooms

The Oktaven is an octagonal building situated next to the manor. There are two double rooms here: a queenbed room with 140 cm bed and a double room with 2 x 90 cm bed. Dogs are also welcome in these rooms.

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