Delectable aromas waft through the air, along with laughter and the sound of glasses clinking for a toast. You're invited to the party. Featuring amazing, majestic flavours. Food prepared with both skill and passion.  

Go ahead – have a look at the manor's best menu. The table is set; the morning is all yours. Or the evening. Staff at the manor are entrusted with a very important task: to make sure our guests feel like royalty. The colourful paintings on the ceiling and the glittering chandeliers enhance the whole experience. Something for the eyes, the palate and, of course, the heart.






All-Inclusive Conference

Experience the magic of the changing seasons at the manor. This package includes everything you will need. Even a lakeside sauna!
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Hotel rooms

Each and every one of our 50 hotel rooms is special. Modern design with the magical story carefully preserved.
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Manor weekends

Enjoy a weekend at Rånäs Slott Live like a king for a day or two in our paradise of contrasts. 
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The history of the manor

The party-loving lord of the manor Oskar Axel Reuterskiöld gallops towards the royal capital in his four horse carriage. The gold coins clinking in his pocket.... 
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