Our produce

There is a long history of producing our own products at Rånäs Slott. Our roots are in the Rånäs industrial works, where food, iron and other exports were produced.

Rånäs Brännvin
The Reuterskiöld family started producing brännvin spirit at Rånäs Slott in the 19th century. The main flavouring used in this brännvin is Seville orange, grown in the stunning orangeries. This spirit became popular in several areas of the country and is still popular today, both here at the manor and in Systembolaget, the national shops where alcohol is sold.  

Rånäs Brännvin cheese
Rånäs Brännvin cheese was launched after identifying the compatibility of an organic cheese maker and our ecolabelled Rånäs brännvin. The main flavouring in the spirit is Seville orange, which has also been found to give a fine character to cheese. After a number of batch tests, we found a balanced flavour that is now enjoyed by many. We serve the cheese all year round when available, and of course it features in our traditional Christmas dinner buffet. 


The history of the manor

The party-loving lord of the manor Oskar Axel Reuterskiöld gallops towards the royal capital in his four horse carriage. The gold coins clinking in his pocket.... 
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Private house

The beautiful Vallonhuset offers accommodation and a conference space in a private house. All in complete seclusion from other guests. 

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Hotel rooms

Each and every one of our 50 hotel rooms is special. Modern design with the magical story carefully preserved.
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Friday Meeting

A Friday conference is a great end to the week and the perfect start to the weekend. Afternoon tea and five-course meal included. 

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