Dining rooms

The dining rooms at the manor serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can choose between the Galleriet, Gustava and Oxenstierna dining rooms, each with their own unique elements. From a historical perspective, Galleriet, the main dining room, is one of the most interesting rooms in the manor. Here, you will find colourful paintings featuring Pompeian symbolism on the ceiling and walls, most of which are original.

Galleriet can accommodate up to 100 people and is thus suitable for weddings and large parties. The Oxenstierna dining room can accommodate 36 people and is the perfect choice for slightly smaller groups and more personal events, or conference groups who wish to dine in privacy. The Gustava dining room can accommodate 18 people, and is the perfect room if you wish to dine in peace and quiet, in a tranquil setting from a bygone era.

Window Oxenstierna

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