Team competition course
You need to work together to win! The team has to complete the course as quickly as possible, between swinging bridges and without getting wet of course! This requires cooperation and the whole team working towards a shared goal. The activity can also be completed at night using head torches. Max. 6 people per team.

5–20 people: SEK 495 per person
21–40 people: SEK 450 per person
41–60 people: SEK 425 per person   
(minimum charge SEK 7,000)

The Game is a fast-paced battle to collect points. Teams are given over 100 tasks, all worth a different number of points, which they must complete using a mobile phone. Each team will be instructed by our guide, then the clock will start. The teams can choose whether to complete each task or skip to the next, so prioritising is essential! There are different kinds of tasks. Here are some examples of tasks that can be included:

• Find: find things in the surrounding area that will help you to accomplish the mission!
• Facts: fact questions – which team member knows the answer?
• Photo: use your mobile phone to take pictures of different things.
• Puzzle: challenging brainteasers
• History: which team member knows the most about our history?
• Phone: phone a number, listen carefully and answer the question.
• Create: use creativity to complete the task

Price: upon request

The Mission
 is an activity that encourages creativity, collaboration and lots of laughter. Each team is provided with a bag of materials and other supplies. The teams are first told how the materials can be used. The bag contains a map and a booklet explaining the mission and listing all the coordinates needed. The benefit of this activity is that it gets everyone involved. 

: SEK 375 per person  (minimum charge SEK 5,000)

Fencing uses three weapon categories: sabre, épée and foil. All three categories have been Olympic disciplines for over 100 years. The sabre is a cutting and thrusting weapon. The acceptable target areas are all above the waist, and the aim is to hit your opponent and avoid being hit yourself. Are you ready to try something different?

: SEK 495 per person (minimum charge SEK 7,900)

Expert leaders with extensive experience of the local archipelago and sea kayaking are on hand to guide you and your group on a breathtaking tour during the spring and summer months. Succumb to the magic of nature as you glide among the rocky islets with colleagues, getting to know each other in a different way and experiencing a thrilling adventure together, allowing new ideas to develop and creativity to flourish. 

: SEK 450 per canoe, SEK 495 per K2 kayak; transport: SEK 2,000

The Film Task
 activity encourages creativity, cooperation and lots of laughter. Each team has access to a bag containing a camera and other equipment. To start off, the teams are told how to use the equipment. The bag also contains props to be used in the film. The benefit of this activity is that it gets everyone involved. The films are all played at the agreed time and the teams rate each other.

: SEK 375 per person (minimum charge SEK 5,000) 

Raft building
 is an activity that suits groups who want to incorporate analysis into the group work. We can put together an activity to suit you. Participants are divided into teams of up to five people. We use plastic barrels, bound together with rope or hemp, and boards fastened on top. Once the rafts are ready, we test their buoyancy and design, then the teams compete in a paddle race.

: SEK 400 per person (minimum charge SEK 5,000)
ll prices exclude VAT.


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