Maria Gustava slottfru Rånäs Slott

Culture and nature

Historic tour: a meeting with the unknown…
You can still catch a glimpse of characters from the past here at Rånäs Slott. A ghost? Perhaps. During this guided tour of the manor, you will meet Helene, who will take you on a theatrical journey through the mysterious history of Rånäs Slott, while dressed in historical costume. You will also hear more about the lady of the manor, Maria Gustava, and other figures said to haunt the house. This activity ends with a visit to the attic. For those who dare...
Group size: 10 – 50 people. Time: 1 hour. Price: SEK 3,000

The Mystery of the Manor
The Oxenstiernas, Stenbocks, Reuterskiölds and other families have been in charge here at Rånäs Slott, in the middle of historic Sweden on the northern shore of Skedviken Lake, since the 14th century. The current manor house was built between 1833 and 1844 by Axel Didrik Reuterskiöld. He was a baron and Marshall of the Court, and therefore one of the king's men. His marriage to Maria Gustava le Febure-Liljenberg, who was considered to be Sweden's richest heiress, made them a powerful couple with great influence. In 'The Mystery of the Manor', we will take you on a guided tour in and around the house. You will need to listen carefully and keep your wits about you. After the tour, the group will be divided into teams to solve a number of riddles. This activity is educational, exciting and allows colleagues to get to know each other in a relaxed environment through a number of team building exercises.
Group size: 10–50 people. Time: 120 min. Price: SEK 4,500

Tour of the manor
Did you know that Axel Didrik Reuterskiöld was who began building Rånäs Slott in 1833? And did you know that this baron and Marshall of the Court died in 1834, before he could see his dream manor house become a reality? It was his grandson Oskar Axel Reuterskiöld who later came to live and work at the manor. He lived a life full of glamorous parties and stirred up strong emotions in the region. Want to find out more? We will guide you on a tour through the manor during your stay. This activity takes about 45 minutes and should be booked in advance.
Time: 45 min Price: SEK 2,500 per group

Game fishing and fly fishing course
: learn fly fishing secrets at our ponds in the manor park.

Price: upon request

Body and soul

Lakeside sauna with three Jacuzzis on the jetty. Our Lightgym. Massage and spa treatments in the SPA-källan. Anti-gymnastique and yoga.

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Team competition course, with guaranteed laughs. Fencing, go-karting or raft building. Funny film assignments. Kayaking or Sing to Win.

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Food and drink

Crayfishing in our streams. Exclusive wine tasting and pairing. Cooking activities.

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All-Inclusive Conference

Experience the magic of the changing seasons at the manor. This package includes everything you will need. Even a lakeside sauna!
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