Food and drink

We offer crayfishing as a conference activity during August and September. There are Swedish crayfish in the ponds and streams in the manor park. We supply you with traps and bait and instruct you on crayfishing techniques. 
Price SEK 4,500 ex VAT

Wine tasting
Are you interested in tasting and comparing sparkling wines, sweet wines or wines from the same country? We taste four different wines.

Beer tasting
There's a plenty to discover here. You might find a new favourite! We try 6–8 varieties to explore the wide range of beers available.

Exclusive single malt tasting
In this activity, we analyse Scotland's 'water of life' by tasting and comparing four different malts, all more than 14 years old.

Can you tell the difference between cognac and Armagnac? Why is Champagne written on the cognac label? Now you can get some answers to these questions! We will taste and compare four different types of digestif.

Brännvin tasting
During this tasting, first we try our own Rånäs Brännvin spirit, made using an original 19th century recipe, and then we try three other varieties. We taste these spirits with a platter of appetizers, including seafood.

Chocolate tasting
What exactly is chocolate? We take you on a journey, tasting everything from Marabou to Grand Cru. This also pairs well with wine tasting – tasting Amarone with chocolate, for example.

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Team competition course, with guaranteed laughs. Fencing, go-karting or raft building. Funny film assignments. Kayaking or Sing to Win.

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Culture and nature

Join us for a historic tour of the manor, or learn some valuable fishing secrets at our ponds.

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Body and soul

Lakeside sauna with three Jacuzzis on the jetty. Our Lightgym. Massage and spa treatments in the SPA-källan. Anti-gymnastique and yoga.

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Manor Conference

Book a Manor Conference and experience royal life. When you book a Manor Conference, your whole event will take place in the manor.
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