Activities that appeal to both the head and the heart!
Taking a break during a conference is very important for a number of reasons. It might be exactly what you need to strengthen the sense of community. An adrenaline kick can generate new ideas. Give your senses a workout with a tasting or cook-off. Become one with nature while hunting in the game park. Or sink into one of our outdoor Jacuzzis on the jetty by the lake. What could be a more appropriate setting for a spot of royal fencing than Rånäs Slott?

Tell us your requirements and we will help you find the perfect activity for your conference. We cooperate with several professional activity organisers, each with their own speciality. Find out more about some of the activities we offer below.

Konferensaktivitet sjöbastu

Booking enquiry

Send us your conference enquiry here, and you will receive a response within an hour.


Sports and adventure

Canoeing with colleagues on calm waters. Try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. Or perhaps an exclusive activity, like hunting in the game park. 

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Team competition course, with guaranteed laughs. Fencing, go-karting or raft building. Funny film assignments. Kayaking or Sing to Win.

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Food and drink

Crayfishing in our streams. Exclusive wine tasting and pairing. Cooking activities.

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Culture and nature

Join us for a historic tour of the manor, or learn some valuable fishing secrets at our ponds.

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Body and soul

Lakeside sauna with three Jacuzzis on the jetty. Our Lightgym. Massage and spa treatments in the SPA-källan. Anti-gymnastique and yoga.

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