Rånäs Slott- slott nära Arlanda Uppsala och Stockholm

About Rånäs Slott

Head, heart, ideas, action, past and future all come together at Rånäs Slott. This paradise of contrasts offers opportunities for majestic meetings, but also magical experiences and romance. It's like a fairytale come true. 

The Reuterskiöld family were fascinated by culture and travel, and laid the foundations for the Italian-inspired manor house in the 19th century. 150 years later, the manor is a majestic venue for meetings.

Passion, feeling and magic are timeless.

The recipe for a majestic experience at Rånäs Slott: one spoonful of curiosity, three spoonfuls of passion, four drops of playfulness, two spoonfuls of inspiration and imagination and a pinch of head and heart. All served with good hospitality and a dash of Rånäs Brännvin.


Manor Conference

Book a Manor Conference and experience royal life. When you book a Manor Conference, your whole event will take place in the manor.
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Manor weekends

Enjoy a weekend at Rånäs Slott Live like a king for a day or two in our paradise of contrasts. 
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Weddings at the manor

At Rånäs Slott, we will make sure your wedding is everything you imagined, in a perfect setting of romance, magic and tinkling chandeliers.
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Hotel rooms

Each and every one of our 50 hotel rooms is special. Modern design with the magical story carefully preserved.
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